OmniBlend V Review – A Truly Fantastic Affordable Professional Blender

I’m so  excited to be writing a review for OmniBlend V. (American Affiliate LinkCanadian Affiliate link)  I’ve been a fan of this product for years.  I know there are major brand names out there that get all the attention (Vitamix & BlendTec) and they are great products, but they cost an arm and a leg….I mean how can you afford to even buy yummy fruits, berries and veg to use in them after footing that bill?  Years ago I was introduced to this amazing alternative to the costly name brand blenders called the OmniBlend V.    I can’t say enough about this blender.  It’s just a workhorse of a kitchen appliance at a fraction of the cost of those with the price tag.  Hundreds of dollars difference is the only notable difference when comparing the models in quality.

I used to use a department store brand before making the switch with OmniBlend V.  My outcome using my Ninja to make smoothies, frappes, and hot drinks would be good, but alas they would still have smalls chunks, drinkable but chunky.  I’d still have to brush out the tiny bits of spinach leaves from the teeth post smoothie, or I’d be crunching away on super small ice bits instead of drinking a smooth ice-cold glass of yum.  I could never, in a million years, sneak okra into a smoothie for my kids with my Ninja.  They could see the green chunks and politely decline.  All of that said though the Ninja carried me for a long time and was a great product for its class so anyone looking for a blender at a department store price ($135US – $189CAD) the Ninja is still a good choice.

Needless to say, as I’m sure you’re gathering, I don’t experience any of those old issues with using the OmniBlend V.  When I make smoothies that have ice cubes in there they are smooth and crunch free.  I no longer have to chew my drinks or brush my teeth afterward….I have achieved ‘Smoothie Freedom’!  I am continually amazed at the difference and blown away that for a fraction of the price tags of the Vitmaix or BlendTec I get the same amazing outcome with the OmniBlend V.   I Love this Machine!

The thing that really gets me going with the OmniBlend V is that it’s an incredible highspeed 3 hp professional motor, an excellent 7 year warranty (read more about the warranty hereCanadian warranty info found here), a BPA free container, 3 optional speeds and times for blending….including of course a pulse feature, a stainless steal multi functional blade unit, a tamper and a really nice recipe book (I’ve easily adapted quite a few recipes to be THM approved successfully) , also you get to choose from three colors white, maroon and black and you only pay half the amount you’d pay for the competition that offers similar specs.  How can they afford to keep the price so low with this blender even though it’s comparable to it’s higher priced competition?  They operate with a  “no frills” approach to pricing, their website responds to this very question and say this in response. “you won’t find a DVD in the box or a fancy binder for your recipes, but you will find a top quality blender that will perform for years to come.”  So what if you miss out on a binder and a DVD.  With the money you save you can go out and buy the nicest binder you can find, plus a grocery load of fruits and veg to start creating.  It’s a no brainer. 🙂

So before you go an shell out $499US/ $579CAD for a Vitamix 5200 or $419US/$569CAD (Costco CAD pricing) for a BlendTec Classic 575 consider spending only $257US /324.95CAD on the OmniBlend V (US sale here)(Canadian Sale here)….with free shipping in the US with OmniBlend V.  

omni1  omni4 

omni2  omni3


How does the OmniBlend V compare to my Ninja Professional Blender though?  

I used the base ingredients from my Gorgeous Berry Green Smoothie (see recipe here) with the exact same measured ingredients, and blended them both on high speed (for the Ninja I selected the high button for Omniblend I used the 35 second timed button) for exactly 35 seconds and the results are incredibly different.  The Ninja’s results are still chewy and multi colored, you can still see many small chunks and specks.  The Omniblend V’s results are blended through so smooth and well that the green color of the spinach and okra has completely changed the color of the liquid to a gorgeous green.  The textures are like night and day different.  The Ninja’s result, though still drinkable, is chewy and lumpy, while the Omniblend V’s result is smooth and creamy. 

The retail price of the Ninja Professional is US $ 135 CAD $198


blender match up1
























What did I use in my test smoothies?

1 1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

1/4 cup frozen Okra

1 cup Spinach

1 cup frozen sliced Strawberries 

























Omniblend V Results (above 2 pictures)




Ninja Professional Blender Results (above 2 pictures)


OmniblendV(above left)     –     Ninja Professional Blender (above right)


I wish I could lend you my OmniBlend blender for a week so you can see just how fantastic it really is.  I use it sometimes 5 x’s a day and it always performs exceptionally.  This really is the best bang for your, hard earned, buck!  


With Love,

Chrissy  ♥

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