What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

I’ve got to admit I’ve been apprehensive to make this post.  I’d start my entry out thinking I knew what I wanted to say, only to quickly erase it all finding myself back at square one more times then I care to admit.  I know why I’m struggling to “find my words”,  I know that when I do share my news I’m going to have some of you decide you no longer want to follow me.  To be honest that hurts my heart a bit and here’s why.


I love this blog and I love sharing hope, ideas, encouragement and faith with you all.  I love hearing back from you each time I post something new…. I’m touched when you tell me I’ve helped you.   That’s exactly why I started this blog in the first place.  So I’m concerned that relationship might end when I tell you what the big deal is.  However, I can’t hide my exciting news under a bushel for fear’s sake.  If I remain quiet it will never be the beacon of hope and health I know it to be.  Honestly I’m “over the moon” excited about my news….it’s incredible and I’m in no way ashamed. So I’m going to share even at the cost of saying good bye to some of you lovely folks, folks I’ve come to appreciate and care for so much. ❤  When you’ve found something so immensely incredible, something that’s giving people back their lives after years of illness, pain, obesity, hopelessness, depression and so many more ‘life robbing conditions’ you can’t remain quiet….you must say it, share it and celebrate it!!!



But first let me say this….I’m a total skeptic, 100% through and through critic (be patient I’m getting there and you need some background). Now if you know me at all, you know I don’t do things half way, I’m an all in kinda girl.  I don’t buy into things without proof, I don’t weaver on facts and I never just go along with something because others are…..have never been a follower, never will be (save for Jesus Christ).  That being said, when I was told that there was a supplement line that was aiding people in their healing processes I was a little intrigued, but mostly skeptical. 😉

As you clearly know I’m a THM’r for life. It’s the best way to eat to set your body up for optimal health in my opinion. (learn more about Trim Healthy Mama here) In following THM we learn that what we put in our mouths can help heal our body.  I also know that we need more then food to do that, we need supplements that provide our bodies with the nutrients, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, etc that today’s foods lack, that our bodies so desperately need.  So when I was told about Plexus over two years ago, I wrote it off as just another MLM (Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing) scheme out to have people do their advertising for them and make the creators rich.  Thankfully I can now say I was wrong and I’m so glad I had just enough curiosity to dive deeper into researching Plexus.  After seeing the incredible testimonies of people using Plexus I knew I needed to give this some serious consideration.   Testimonies such as… people recovering from the devastating effects of Lyme disease’s to find renewed health and hope.  Or other’s suffering frustrating weight loss stalls, while eating healthy & exercising, finally losing again to reach their goals.  Seeing pictures of men and women who’ve suffered with severe acne finally being able to show their faces with pride after using Plexus.  Mamas gaining their energy and vitality again after years of endless fatigue and exhaustion. People suffering debilitating and frequent migraines, finally finding relief……I could go on and on.

What this led me to learn is that we are all carriers of a fungus called candida and to some it’s no problem as it’s not overgrown, but to others it’s a big problem.  Many of our maladies are rooted deep in our gut (gastrointestinal tract, which is the organ system responsible for transporting and digesting foods, absorbing nutrients, and expelling waste. Mainly comprised of the stomach, small and large intestine).  These illnesses stem from the overgrowth of candida we have.  Symptoms like I’ve mentioned above and so many more are the exact reason why getting excited about finding a tool that has helped give people back their lives has to be shared and celebrated. Can you see why taking steps to include a supplement regimen into your day could potentially help heal or better yet prevent issues from worsening or occurring?  The saying “An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure” comes to mind here.  What is that worth to you?


Untruths, Truths:

I could no longer shrug off Plexus as a scam. I needed to give this a go.  When my sweet friend Eva Schmidt- Canada’s first Diamond Ambassador, (which means she’s reached the highest level for an ambassador) challenged me to look deeper and really see for myself, I did.  I spent a couple weeks digging deep, first finding terrible reviews and sites clearly set out to refute Plexus’ claims. This caused me great alarm only feeding my skepticism.  But even with all the negative feedback I found things weren’t lining up…I just couldn’t shake the hundreds of testimonies praising Plexus, it just didn’t make sense to me and for good reason.  I was relieved and pleased to find these websites and reviewers actually have a name “reverse prospectors”.  Folks representing other brands will write reviews, or build sites sharing false information, hoping to drive business to their company.  So be careful with what you read don’t let it shape your opinion.  Instead speak to the people in the field, using, sharing and living Plexus everyday.   Trust me it’s worth your time!! <3  Need more?  Still feeling uneasy?  Read this excellent Fact vs. Fiction article written by Jennifer Loewen (see Fact vs. Fiction article here)


* Did you know that Plexus’ products are natural, plant sourced products?  Plant based, Zero artificial Sweeteners, Gluten Free, Non GMO, No Preservatives,  & Naturally colored, flavored, and sweetened.

*Did you know Plexus has a 1% return rate….yeah 1 % even with a 60 day money back guarantee.  Only 1 % of it’s purchasers actually return their product.  That’s really unheard of in the business world.

*Did you also know Plexus is totally debt free? They didn’t borrow to get where they are today, they built smart and strong.

*Did you know that they are backed by Morgan Stanley who only backs mega companies…like Google, Facebook & Microsoft?  This means Plexus is the real deal friends and I’m so excited to trust and love what it stands for and offers us.

*When you speak to Ambassadors they will tell you how much they love Plexus, how supported, encouraged and built up they feel.  They are shown that they are an integral part of the company, even after just starting out.  I can personally speak to that!  That says something big…Plexus really cares about it’s Ambassadors we aren’t just faceless work drones, we are cherished members of the Plexus family.

What Can All This Mean For You Beside Better Health?

Knowing all that info just made me even more excited about these supplements and Plexus.  So I totally jumped in without even trying it first. (which is very out of character for me btw!!!!).  I acted solely on research and the words of people I trust.  People who have seen incredible things happen to their health, and I knew it was going to do great things for me too and I’m so glad I did! <3

The Business side of Plexus is only slightly less exciting then the health and wellness side, though absolutely CrAzY exciting on its own. 🙂 What if you could earn a generous income for only $34.95? (yup that’s it, no big “buy in fee” like lots of other companies!) By simply giving hope to people with these incredible supplements?  In addition to earning income Plexus offers other incredible incentives that push it all over the top, like vacations, the “Plexus Lexus” (no it’s not pink like the drink…lol) and monthly income bonuses.  I’m talking real money in your bank account every month. potentially every week!

Why did that appeal to me?  Being a stay at home mom automatically cuts our income in half, throw in the costs of homeschooling and you might as well cut it by another eighth, throw in that the costs associated with running a blog and the budget keeps shrinking.  Please understand I’m not complaining.  I just love the idea of being able to help my family out more financially.  Wouldn’t You?

Even if you already do, who couldn’t use a few extra buck each month?   With Plexus the potential to earn a serious income is a real and tangible thing.  All without buying products to have on hand and sell, forget that pressure!  Instead you get a totally free website that’s all yours, where your people can order direct from your website! No awkward home parties required.  Just share the hope Plexus can bring to people who need it.  Think about it, I bet you can think about 5 people off the top of your head that can use better health right now.  That’s where you start and it’s just that easy.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make a real difference in your family’s finances or personally, consider this.  Aside from the compensation plan that will make it worth your while (we all know that our time is worth compensation), you’ll be working directly with me, on a fresh, exciting, and growing team.  We will be driven in helping change people’s health–and lives.

If you want to join my team today click here.  So glad you’re joining me. 🙂 ❤

Questions???  Send me an email I’d love to hear from you !

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With love,

Chrissy ❤

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    1. I've got a two part testimony, or that is a health reated testimony and I've that is financial. I'd love to tell you more, can you find me in Facebook and message me? :-)

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