I’m doing a review for Brian Thomas’ new cookbook that focuses on a low-glycemic way of eating, her recipes insures fats and carbs are separated and fuel types are clearly marked.  When Briana Thomas, food blogger extraordinaire, said she’d be sending me her new cookbook to review I was excited.  I’ve enjoyed her recipes for years now.  I know her through our tight-knit blogging community and she’s just this wonderfully well spoken, and written, young women who has a heart for Christ.  So of course I was excited.  However, when I received her parcel in the mail I was a bit taken aback.  I was expecting to receive the standard cookbook…..soft covered,  thin paged, the norm, the usual, but here’s where Briana leaves so many other cookbooks in the dust…..she’s self published this gorgeous, big spiral bound, hardcover cookbook.  It looks like it’s ready to stand up against anything a cook can throw, smear, splatter, or spill on it.  Probably best not to test my theory though 🙂


First off Miss Briana….Yes I did read that section you wondered if anyone would read.❤  Do you want to know what section I’m talking about? Order your copy of Necessary Food(order here) and find out for yourself. 😉  I know shameless aren’t I….lol

Ok so I’ve already talked about the outward quality of the cookbook, the large, aqua green binding, the thick sturdy hardcover front and back of the book.  The photos on the front page are engaging and colorful, which is a theme that carries on throughout the entirety of the cookbook.

I have had a few cookbooks lately that the index’s have made no sense to me, I had to re-learn how to find every single thing I was looking for.  However, with Briana’s Necessary Food cookbook, the index is refreshingly easy to navigate.  She makes finding what you’re searching for a cinch, which I really appreciate. Thanks Briana. ❤

When writing out recipe instructions, you really need to be thinking of your reader.  You should be thinking about how you can make following the recipe as easy as possible.  Briana has this skill, you can see on her blog, and she carries that over to her cookbook.  Ingredients are listed in the order they’re used, and the instructions follow suit.  Such a lovely flow and symmetry, that makes the whole experience so achievable and enjoyable.

Her recipes aren’t complicated and don’t require a Michelin star to master, but don’t let their ease fool you.  You’ll enjoy each and every creation to your preferences.  It’s a lovely, cookbook that will make you feel like the ‘master of your culinary domain’, simply by following Briana’s well laid out instructions.  But let me say here…..subbing ingredients, saying “I didn’t have this or that, so I used this instead and it didn’t turn out like the picture at all” will not always fly with these recipes.  Some are more gracious than others, but the whole purpose of following a recipe, to achieve the creator’s end result, most often requires you following the recipe!  Just say’n ;-)❤

When I find a great cookbook with amazing pictures I can sit for hours and just browse the pages.  I like to imagine recipes being served on my table being enjoyed by my whole family.  This cookbook fulfills all my browsing needs completely, I’ve sat and looked through this book so many times that I think I have it memorized. lol  It’s such an easy cookbook to get lost in.   I’m so glad I have it, I’ll use it and pass it along to my daughter.  I have a feeling it’s going to last that long….it’s built to last!

Thanks for another great resource Briana, the more we have, the healthier we’ll all be. ❤

If you want to order your own copy of Briana Thomas’ Necessary Food Cookbook you can order it here on her website today.  Why wait, it’s such a gem you’ll be so happy you have it.


  1. Amber Cottrell Reply

    I really love it too. I’ll be making a recupe tonight. I too, sat and just browsed through. The pictures are so pretty and well, I just love everything about it.

  2. Thanks, Chrissy. Agree with all your comments. (I read that section too you mentioned – loved it!) I like that the food tastes really good. I am not a great cook. I NEED to follow the instructions. So far, everything has turned out perfectly. Loving Briana’s book!

  3. Briana’s book is beautiful. She put a lot of thought into every detail. The heavy covers that can stand up on the counter, the heavy spiral binding, and the excellent weight of paper that she chose. The book layout is beautiful as well. I haven’t had a recipe that I did not like yet. Her single-serve sugar cookie recipe was the first recipe that I tried, even before cookbook was published. I made it in my toaster oven and ate it several times a week with a hot chocolate trimmy. Loved the fact that I could eat a cookie for breakfast! Also love that this recipe made it in the cookbook.

  4. Brianna’s cookbook is the best. She quite the smart young woman and personally can’t wait for her next cookbook❣ ❤

  5. Lois Sollenberger Reply

    I love the book–and I especially love the verses interspersed–such an inspiration. I do wish that the recipes had been labeled as E, S, etc. I’m too new to the system to be able to look at the recipe and know where it would fall.
    I do agree with Chrissy Benoit that the lay out is beautiful. I’m something of a cookbook addict and pictures are part of my addiction. I look forward to making many of the yummy-looking dishes in this beautiful cookbook. Thank you Briana Thomas for a job well done

  6. Debra Wetzel Reply

    I also have this book. I love it and her recipes are delicious and easy to follow.

  7. Sarah Francoeur Reply

    I love cookbooks….and I have debated about getting this one. Looks like I am adding to my collection. Thanks!!

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