Chrissy’s BP Coffee (THM – S)

There’s something immediately soothing about a big ‘ol cuppa Joe in the morning. I have an immediate response to it.  It’s EUPHORIC!  (Yeah, I’m yelling, it’s really that good!) It’s one of a favorite parts of waking up to a new day! <3

Since starting my journey on Trim Healthy Mama a few months back (read about my experience with THM so far here) I’ve been introduced to a coffee drink called “Bullet Proof Coffee”.  At first I wasn’t totally won over with it, it needed some personalizing…… that’s exactly what I did!! Since making it my own, my “S” breakfasts are rarely without it.



Chrissy’s BP Coffee

2 cups – Strongly brewed coffee (decaf works great too)
2 tsp – Coconut oil or MTC Oil
2 tsp – Butter
1 tsp – Whey Powder Isolate
1 tsp – Vanilla or Caramel Extract
2 tsp – Cocoa powder
3 doonks – Pure stevia extract (or sweetener of choice)

*1 scoop of collagen (optional)

Place all ingredients in a blender (full size blender that can handle hot temps) and blend on high for 1 minute.
Pour into mug and Enjoy!!

With Love,


19 thoughts on “Chrissy’s BP Coffee (THM – S)

  1. In Chrissy’s BP Coffee….

    What kind of whey protein isolate did you use & that you like?

    Please & thank you!


    1. I go back and forth between 3 different kinds the THM brand, the Piping Rock brand and the Presidents Choice brand from my grocery store in Canada

  2. not sure mt cheap blender can take hot stuff…so, wondering if I can make it, let it cool down, then blend, pour in cup and heat it up again? microwave or stovetop. what say you? Jo Anna Kitchen

    1. I now just shake mine in a half gallon mason jar. Shake like crazy. I ruined the carafe of my Ninja blender making my hot coffees 🙁

      1. oh that’s too bad!!! You definitely need to only use a blender that can withstand the high heat of bullet proof coffee for sure….I love my Omni Blender it’s amazing for that. Check them out (affliate link)

  3. I drink this on days I fast from 8 pm until 2 the next afternoon and dont struggle with hunger. I also follow thm and am wondering if adding other S foods would be okay and keep me in weight loss mode. What do you suggest adding? Thanks so much.

    1. have you looked into some egg fast recipes? those might fit into your fasting days.

  4. I’ve heard of billet proof coffee before, but have mever tried it. What’s the point of the butter? Just curious. Thanks!

    1. it would cease to be a bullet proof coffee without those delectable super fats. <3

  5. I make it with collagen and not the protein powder. Sitting here drinking my bp coffee right now…oh, and I put in a bit of caramel flavor and no cocoa this morning. Its fun to experiment on different kinds of bp coffee…

    1. I take this drink with me a lot. I just have to give it a stir as the oils tend to lose their froth and become oily again after a while.

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