FP (Fuel Pull) Dessert Round Up

It’s so easy to always turn to those Heavy S, decadent, yummy, cream cheese delicacies for dessert , as they’re so darn tasty and they don’t leave us feeling at all like we’re on a diet. (which we’re not!!!  THM is a way of eating…a plan, a new way of living out how we fuel our bodies) However,  when you’re still in the thick of wanting to lose weight it isn’t advisable to have those kinds of treats after every meal and at every snack as they can stall your weight loss, or even cause a gain.  So go ahead and enjoy them once and a while…the best time to enjoy those lovely Heavy S desserts (if you are a slow loser, or have found your weight loss has stalled) is after a Deep S meal, after a Light S meal or for a snack on its own.  When you sit down and have a heavy S meal and follow it up with a Heavy S dessert you’re consuming a whole lot of calorie dense food.

Clockwise starting at the top left:  Sunrise Surprise Smoothie,  Oaty Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake in a Mug, Raspberry Ice Cream Dairy & Sugar Free, Orange Creamsicle Gummies, Chocolate Wafer Delight, Basic Ice Cream & Milkshake Base

To get your body losing again sometimes going lighter on your after meal desserts can be a great place to start and that means your best bet is to have a Fuel Pull dessert.  You get to have your cake and eat it too!!!  I can see you all feeling the tightening of restrictions, but don’t!!  You won’t miss those Heavy S desserts after your meals at all trust me!  There are some pretty incredible FP dessert creations out there.

The THM Cookbook (buy here) has well over 30 FP snack and dessert options…..some of my favorites being: Butterfly Wings Cake (page 301), Glucci Pudding (page 350), Tummy Tucking Ice Cream (page 362), and Superfood Chews (page 383).  Trust me you won’t feel deprived at all!!! <3

So here’s a great Roundup list of THM Fuel Pull Desserts, from a wonderful bunch of THM bloggers for you!  <3

My Chocolate Wafer Delight (see recipe here) is an incredibly easy and delicious treat you can have in a pinch, I love it for a quick and easy throw together dessert.

Chocolate Wafer Delight


Here are my Blogging Buddies Fuel Pull Desserts:

Listed In Alphabetical Order


Briana Thomas:

Instant Frozen Coffee Pudding

Mock Frosted Lemonade

Strawberry Almond Soft Serve

Low Fat Soft Serve

Basic Single Serve Ice Cream & Milkshake 

Counting All Joy:

Oaty Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake in a Mug

Joy Filled Eats:

Orange Creamsicle Gummies

Red Hot Cinnamon Gummies

Raspberry Lime Freeze

Mama Shire:

Raspberry Ice Cream

Frosted Strawberry Lemonade

Frosted Lemonade

Peanut Butter Treat

Oh Sweet Mercy:

Healthy Lemon Turmeric Gummies

Creamy Vanilla Chai Protein Shake

Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved:

Cottage Style Vanilla Ice Cream

Surprise Sunrise Smoothie


Hope You enjoy all these super delicious waist trimming treats as much as I will and do!!

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With Love,

Chrissy <3













10 thoughts on “FP (Fuel Pull) Dessert Round Up

  1. That looks WONDERFUL!! and super easy!! Thanks for putting them all together. I will definatly have to try that for dessert!

      1. Yes, i found last challenge i need to prep and major plan to make it work, if i have easy things to grab i will go to those. Now to do it!

  2. I can’t figure out how to pin this page that lists all the fuel pull desserts with their links to my Pinterest board. I don’t see the pin button anywhere. Help?

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