Canada Day Giveaway!

This post contains affiliate links that help out (in a small way) with restocking my kitchen, so I can keep on making and baking up new recipes to share.  From my heart to your home ❤  

Trim East contest entry how would you

Hello everyone!  I’m so excited to do this Canada Day giveaway with my super sweet friend Andrea Hall from Trim East.  She is a super awesome authorized re-seller for Trim Healthy Mama’s fabulous products right here in Canada.  

Visit her Store here – Trim East

When Andrea & I planned this Canadian giveaway we really wanted the winner to have a gift certificate that would allow a good selection of all the incredible products you can find at Trim East.  We think you’ll agree that $80.00 CAD is an incredible amount to work with!  I love this for you guys…..I wish I could enter  lol 😉



So what are you waiting for????   Click the link below to enter for a chance to win our Canada Day Giveaway!

Winner will be announced June 28th, 2016

Remember to chose all the options to enter, as the more options you choose the more times your name is entered in the draw.


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67 thoughts on “Canada Day Giveaway!

  1. I started THM at the end of March and haven’t yet had a chance to buy any of the THM products, although many of them are of interest to me, especially the collagen.

    1. I’m under Facebook as Jennifer Marian and @GoTurnipTheBeet in Twitter.

  2. I am loving THM…..with every new recipe, I have a new opportunity to love food again!! So far my fave is the Lazy Lasagna… don’t even miss the pasta!!!!

  3. I’ve actually never tried any official thm products as they are too expensive for my budget. I’d love to win the $80 so I can finally try some.

  4. I just started this THM lifestyle in May. I purchased lots of THM products and it’s very hard to choose my favourite! The one I use the most is Gentle Sweet for my coffee!

  5. I love being able to support a local “gal” and close friend while making changes that are going to benefit my health. Thanks Andrea for making all these great products available to us.

  6. So many THM products to live: collagen, oat fibre, gluccie. I think I’ll say oat fibre because I haven’t found any other source.

  7. I love the THM baking blend. However, I use the collagen everyday it’s also great

  8. Two products that I love are the collagen and the stevia. I find their stevia does not have an aftertaste.

  9. Thanks for the Canadian giveaway! I am new and have not been able to purchase THM products yet. Hoping to try peanut powder and baking blend.

  10. Fairly new to THM and finding the results great, even though I am a turtle. Slow and steady will win the race!!

  11. My favorite is the Integral Collagen. Thanks for the chances to win.

  12. My favorite thm products are the baking blends and sweeteners. I’d really also like to try some of the skin care!

  13. Thanks for the Canadian giveaway! I would love to try the baking blend!

  14. Heard so much about THM and seen real results in people I know – looking to maybe give it a try…

  15. I haven’t purchased anything as of yet but I need to…I need to change my life style to make life better for me and my family.

  16. I love all the products. Have been using them all for over a year.

  17. I like the peanut flour. Would like to try the baking blend again and would like to try the sweetener and collagen.

  18. Finally tried out the Super Sweet Blend and definitely notice the difference from the local options I have been purchasing. Thanks for doing the giveaway. I admire all your home business hard work!!!!

  19. Trying to save up for some collagen! So good and I feel fantastic when I use it! Love thm and trying to stay 100% on plan!

  20. Thank you for the giveaway! My favourite so far is the Super Sweet, but I would really like to try the Gentle Sweet.

  21. To be honest I haven’t used any because I can’t afford them so this way it would be a nice way to try some of them.

  22. So far I have mostly used the Pristine Whey Protein powder, I have tried the stevia but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Would like to try the baking blend.

  23. SOoooooo Happy to see a contest for us Canadians! SO happy to learn about this reseller too, so much easier to order within Canada! Thank you!!!!

    1. I haven’t tried any THM products yet but I am definitely going to now!

  24. My favourite THM product is the gentle sweet but I really haven’t had anything that I didn’t like yet!

  25. First time I have heard of Trim East. Going to go check it out. Thanks ladies.

  26. I have two favourite products. Gentle Sweet for my baking and Integral Collagen for my tea!

  27. I love THM and always excited to try new ingredients and recipes. Thanks for spreading the love!

  28. my favorite thm food product is gentle collogen…..i cant decide. both have changed my health immensely!!!

  29. my favorite thm food product is gentle collogen….. oh, i cant decide. Both have changed my health immensely!!!

  30. My favourite THM product is the Super Sweet blend. Sweetens everything up just the way I like it!

    1. That is good to know as l have not yet tried the Super Sweet. that will be in my next order

  31. l am excited to see a contest here in the Maritimes. Almost as excited as l was to find Trim East and Andrea Hall. l placed an order a while back and got two bags of the collagen. Thanks for the idea of the contest. Good luck to everyone. God bless

  32. What a generous giveaway! My favourites so far are the sweetners! I’m going to have to stock up again soon! 🙂

  33. Gluccie! Without this bad boy I wouldn’t be able to make my obsession —- Fat Stripping Frappa! Fantastic giveaway ladies, thank you!

  34. My favorite by far is the THM collagen. It’s helped my hair, nails, and eye lashes. And it taste great in my morning coffee and gives a boost of protein.

  35. My absolute favorite THM product is Gentle Sweet! Having a good sweetener is so essential to the plan and as long as you have that you can do it with local ingredients. I also love me some collagen and baking blend!

  36. Think my favorite product is the pure stevia extract, it can be stretched so far! Thanks for the giveaway oppty.

  37. I love all the products I’ve tried! The collagen is one I won’t run out of again!

  38. There are quite a few products I really like. For the skin care products, my favourite is the Orange Silk cream. For baking products, I really like the baking super sweet, gentle sweet, protein powder and the pure stevia. I can’t really pick one. pretty much everything I’ve tried is awesome!!

  39. I have so many favorite THM products!
    Next to impossible just to choose one! Gluccie, whey powder…
    If I had to choose a favorite… Peanut Flour!!

    Thank you both for planning this giveaway!!!

  40. I haven’t used very many different THM products yet, but I do like the peanut flour.

  41. I think my favorite is the collagen…so easy to add protein without a nasty flavour like most protein powders!

  42. So many products I love. Super sweet blend is a favorite. Would love to try the collagen, so far my budget hasn’t allowed it to happen.

  43. Hi. I am wanting to try the collagen, peanut flour, and protein powder. I cannot afford a lot right now in my budget, but am working on me as best as I can. I do love the recipes and am cooking more because of it. It is my birthday on July 2, so winning would be an amazing birthday gift! 😀

  44. I haven’t tried any THM products but I would love to try Gentle Sweet !

  45. I don’t have a favorite………but over the years I’ve tried many different products and have not been disappointed!

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