Super Easy Chicken Salad (THM S)

This recipe has been done a million times and I’m not really bringing anything mind blowingly new to the table with the addition of mine, but I like it  a whole lot so I’m going to share it with you.

You don’t have to have a whole bunch of time on your hands to make this salad, and it’s a generous portion of protein and veggies without the insane amount of chewing a salad takes.  lol Don’t get me wrong,  I love salad as much as the next Trim Healthy Mama,  (learn more about THM here) but I can get sick of it if I don’t mix my “salad” variations up on a regular basis.  If I were to only have a leafy green salad day in and day out I’d be bored lady not to mention  ready to run to the nearest food binge location in absolute rebellion!  I know what my limits are, however, I also that in order for me to continue my weight loss I must have plenty of fresh veg daily so I need to mix it up, and this salad is so good for that needed variation.

I didn’t have a lot of time today to really put into a nice cooked lunch, so fresh and fast was what I had to work with.  Working on my blog can be all consuming sometimes.  Today I had to set up my new laptop and make sure all the programs I use are installed and my preferences set, so I’ve been in front of a lot of technology today.  Time flies by me when I’m right in the middle of that kind of stuff and I realized that 4 hours have past and I haven’t eaten….it was past time to get some grub in my belly.  See my set up below…lol



This “salad” gives me great pleasure and satisfaction in several ways.  It comes together quickly, it has great taste, and I’m totally full when I’m finished.   So grab a roasted chicken from your grocery store, or from your fridge and make this delicious filling salad.  I know you’ll enjoy it too! 🙂



With Love,

Chrissy Benoit ❤



2 thoughts on “Super Easy Chicken Salad (THM S)

  1. Yay! I’ve been looking for good chicken salad recipes, but keep coming up with the standard “grill chicken, slice chicken, put chicken on lettuce.” What I want is a good chicken salad sandwich filling that I can turn into an S or E meal, and this looks like exactly what I’ve been trying to find. My chicken salad skills are sorely lacking. Thank you!

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