Peanut Butter Cup Frosting

This frosting is so so delicious.  I made this up, scooped up a large spoonful, walked through my house to find my husband.  As he saw me coming with a spoon I told him to close his eyes and open his mouth.  I had him taste this frosting ….he opened his eyes and they widened, he smiled largely swallowing than he blurted “Wow!  That tastes better than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup”.    Yes!!!  I love making food, the person I love making it for the most is my husband, when he loves it I do a little victory dance.  If you like this frosting as much as my hubby and kids do than I’ll do another victory dance just for you too!! <3

I’ve had a couple of people tell me that when they’ve made this it’s been too runny, this NEVER happens when I make this recipes.  The only thing I can think is that they are using a different cocoa powder and Peanut flour which aren’t as absorbent as the brand I use.

Let me suggest a way around getting a runny outcome as opposed to a  nice thick frosting.  Only add the almond milk if needed after all ingredients have been added.  Add a TBSP at a time, and use your best judgement with how thick you want it to turn out. 🙂

This is still one of my favorite frosting to add to a cake, it always comes out exactly the way I want it to and the flavor is perfect for my tastes.  Like everything when using natural sweeteners personal tastes vary, so taste test to achieve your perfect sweetness level and flavor.


1/2 Cup Softened Butter

1 cup De-fatted Peanut Flour (I use the Protein Plus Brand)

1/4 cup Cocoa Powder (buy here)

4 Tbsp Gentle Sweet Blend (recipe link here)-OR- 2 Tbsp Super Sweet Blend (recipe link here) (Tweak this to your preferred sweetness)

1/4 tsp Mineral Salts (buy here)

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (some have found this not necessary to add, it really depends on your cocoa, and peanut flour, so mix all ingredients and use your judgement to add all or just some)


Place ingredients in a deep bowl and mix with beaters, scrap sides of bowl to insure frosting is thoroughly blended and fluffy.

This makes the perfect amount of frosting for my One Bowl Chocolate Fudge Cake, or on whatever suits your fancy.

With love,

Chrissy <3


37 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Cup Frosting

  1. I’m looking forward to trying this. I didn’t care for the frosting on the THM cookbook zucchini cake. But this sounds like it will work for me. Thanks.

  2. Will this hold up as a chocolate frosting if I leave out the peanut flour? I am allergic.

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not fully sure how it will hold up as omitting a cup worth of dry ingredients will change its consistency, but you could increase the cocoa powder.

    1. Hey Teresa, you have to add yourself. You’ll find it on the right hand side closet to the top, it’s a follow me button. If on your phone if will be the same follow me, but close to the bottom of the page.

  3. Do you think it would work to use on-plan peanut butter instead of the butter and skip the peanut flour?

  4. 3/4 Cup of almond milk won’t make it too runny? I just want to make sure I’m reading it right before I make it tomorrow!

  5. I just made and flavor is just absolutely wonderful but it came out thin…must’ve done something wrong…I didn’t mix it in my big Bosch mixer…impossible it is to pay for this is my regular mixer…any advice?

    1. O my goodness I should have my glasses on when I leave a message because I did mix in my big mixer and I have no idea what impossible it is to pay has to do with it….I was just thinking I should’ve use my small hand mixer… Never trust especially when you don’t have your glasses On to check

      1. Hi Brenda, I’m not sure why it would be thin… But you can always add some extra Peanut flour to thicken it up.

  6. Do you think it will work if I replace de-fatted peanut flour with almond flour? I have that in my pantry.

  7. Thank you for this recipe!! Just made the frosting and it turned out perfectly delicious!! I’m not so patiently waiting for my chocolate zucchini cake to cool so I can frost it!!

  8. I made this with 1/4 c coconut oil instead of butter and it turned out perfect.

    1. Thank you for posting this. I’m making it today for my birthday:)

  9. Thank you!! This is so yummy!! I used only a half a cup of almond milk and it turned out great.

  10. I would love to make this today for a wedding party that I am going to this evening. I won’t have enough cocoa powder to make this and the one bowl cake, can I leave the cocoa powder out and just have peanut butter frosting? Thank you in advance!

  11. Chrissy,
    I’ve loved this chocolate cake recipe for YEARS!!! so simple and delicious thank you….today I tried the peanutbutter chocolate frosting and it was a bit loose…next time just half the almond milk maybe? what are your suggestions to make this thicker…the flavor was again out of this world. thanks,

  12. I just made this frosting the consistency is not of a frosting. I am trying to wrap my head around what I did wrong. HELP!!!! I loved the cake but the frosting was a throw away. I used THM defatted peanut four.

    1. some peanut flours are very thirsty so you can use the brands I suggest in the recipe, or you can adjust the liquid content to match a more frosting texture.

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