Smart Baking Company Review

I was instantly interested in the Smart Baking Company when they came on the scene with their Smart Bun and their Smart Cakes.  I’d been looking for an excellent hamburger/miscellaneous bun for quite a while and was so happy to find one that was getting rave reviews within the Trim Health Mama/Low Carb community.

So when I got my box of samples to review from the Smart Baking Company I was delighted to put them to the test.  I kept it pretty simple to start.

I love that all the ingredients are great to use within the THM eating plan.  I love the Trim Healthy Mama plan, and it is so much easier to do when I can add the quick grab and go item that makes life easier for this busy mama.


Smart Cakes Review

I like simple things, so for the Smart Cakes I tried them plain, straight up, no fancy toppings or additions.  To get different opinions I shared with my hubby and my kids.  I did add a variable in our tasting experiment though,  I placed half of each package of Smart Cakes in the fridge to chill before trying, and left the other half at room temp.  Why did I put them in the fridge?  With lots of low-carb baked goodies once they have time to chill in the fridge something magical happens, the flavors, sweetness and textures improve (in my humble opinion of course).  So upon comparing the un-chilled against the chilled Smart Cakes we all unanimously agreed the chilled ones tasted sweeter and the texture was more dense and cakey, which we all preferred.  However, the un-chilled Smart Cakes were still very good, just not as sweet and a bit more crumbly.  Our ‘over all favorite flavor’ among the three flavors (Chocolate, Coconut, and Cinnamon) was again, unanimously Cinnamon followed by a close second of Chocolate,  and Coconut finished very strong as our third favorite, and was still a yummy tasty treat.

We really enjoyed them all though, I’ve made it a point to order some to have on hand as they are an excellent snack to go to, especially with how high in fiber they are!  I don’t know about you but I love to have lots of grab and go options on hand.  It makes a difference whether I succeed or fail.  I generally have a well laid out food plan, but a wrench can get thrown in there from time to time making it hard to succeed otherwise.  I’m so glad to have these scrumptious little Smart Cakes as a quick, delicious option.


Smart Bun Review

In reviewing the Smart bun, I wanted to use them in a recipe.  I love creating recipes, so coming up with two simple, tasty ones was a delicious task to have! You can order the Smart Bun two different ways, with sesame seeds and/or without sesame seeds.  I was given one bag of “without” sesame seed, and two of “with” sesame seeds to play with.

Before I share my recipes, I want to talk more about the buns.  They are soft and squishy, they hold up to whatever you’re eating without falling apart or crumbling to bits like other gluten free buns on the market.  They have a nice soft texture to bite into and are without a doubt the best gluten free hamburger bun I’ve ever tried…..and I’ve tried A WHOLE BUNCH!  These are truly a dream come true, low carb burgers will never be the same!!  These are becoming a staple in the Benoit household from now on.  Thank you Smart Baking Company for 2 excellent products that make me and my taste buds happy!!

Folks these buns are just the best thing since….

So for my first recipe I kept it very simple and just made a simple breakfast sandwich.  There’s nothing like being able to enjoy a hearty breakfast sandwich.  It’s a great meal at anytime of day and is so easy to make with simple whole ingredients.

I made two recipes to try these Smart Buns out.  Scroll down to get a sneak peek at those recipes….To view the full recipes click on the links shared.

Chrissy’s Breakfast Sandwich

See Recipe Here


Easily make these for the whole family just increase the recipe by the number of people you’re looking to feed.  I made these for my whole family and we loved it.  Such as great morning meal.



See Recipe for Chrissy’s Breakfast Sandwich Here (THM S, E or FP)


Try something else…..

Chrissy’s Better Burgers (THM S)

See Recipe Here


See Recipe for Chrissy’s Burgers (THM S) Here


So when it’s all said and done, I’ve loved trying out the goodies from The Smart Baking Company.  I recommend them to you and your household without issue.  I know they’ll be a constant in mine.


With love,

Chrissy  ❤


10 thoughts on “Smart Baking Company Review

  1. Just went to their site and it states the buns must be put in the freezer right away. So do they need to be frozen and the. Set out to defrost to use them or can I just refrigerate if I am going to use them in a few days?

    1. I did both. If it’s going to take you more than a couple days to use them up… keep them frozen. But if you use them up quickly (day or two) keep them in the fridge.

  2. I agree with you on the Smart Buns. I had one today and it was wonderful! But I have to disagree with the chocolate cakes, I thought they were terrible. I didn’t finish it. The cinnamon cake was ok,but nothing to get excited about. I re-read your post and will try putting them in the refrigerator and see if it makes a difference.

    1. Yes give that a go! Thanks for your comment Eileen. <3 I look forward to see what you think about them being refrigerated.

      1. Oh my gosh, how did I ever doubt you! Putting in the refrigerator made all the difference. The chocolate cake was more fudgy and so good. Thank you for all of your reviews and recipes. Have you tried any of the products from Lindasdietdelights ?

        1. Yay!! I’m so glad to hear that. No I haven’t tried anything from that company you mentioned but I’ll look into it. <3

  3. After the Julian Bakery scam Im rather nervous about lc bread. Did you do any glucose testing? I don’t understand how the ingredients they claim to use can make “bread”.

    1. I’m satisfied with the ingredients they use, you’ll need to do your own research to come to a conclusion your satisfied with. I can see how they can make bread with the ingredients they use. <3

    1. That’s a question I just don’t have an answer to Bonnie, however I’m sure if you are to contact them they would explain.

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